Mission, Vision & History


The mission of our school is to ensure that ALL students learn and are academically challenged, we will provide highly qualified teachers for our students and all students will achieve at proficient or advanced academic levels on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) by the year 2014, and/or meet the academic criteria that may be stated in any/all state and federal laws.


We, at Roosevelt Middle School, “Where ALL Kids Succeed!” envision that our mission, in partnership with our school-community, is to provide all students with a middle school program, which meets the unique needs of preadolescents. Our program will emphasize academics and cognitive development, while recognizing and addressing the social-emotional and physiological characteristics of our developing preadolescent students.


Following are some  of the beliefs held by the Roosevelt faculty,  staff, students, and community:

    1. We, at Roosevelt, believe that all students can learn and  produce quality work.

    2. We, at  Roosevelt, believe that a positive, safe, and healthy school climate is  necessary and must be honored by all members of the Roosevelt  community to ensure success for all.

    3. We, at Roosevelt, believe that parents are a child’s first  teacher and that a school-community partnership, focused upon the best  interests of children, enhances a child’s middle school education.

    4. We, at Roosevelt, believe and recognize that cultural diversity,  in our school, is a strength and an asset to our school.

    5. We, at Roosevelt, believe that all children and adults have a  right to be respected, to be treated with dignity and equity, and to be encouraged  to develop their talents and abilities.