Special Education

Roosevelt Middle School is dedicated to providing the highest quality free and appropriate education (FAPE) to every student.  This includes students with special needs, whether they have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a health based 504 plan. Students with IEP’s or 504 plans are granted certain accommodations or modifications that address their particular areas of needs that are utilized in the classroom and during assessments.  These accommodations and modifications are determined and agreed upon by the school’s TEAM members, and are in accordance with district, state, and federal requirements.

There are several models and programs that service special education students according to their IEP’s in the least restrictive environment (LRE) here at Roosevelt Middle School.  They are outlined as follows:

Inclusion: Students with special needs are placed in a Co-Teach classroom with both general education students and students with special needs.  There are two teachers in the classroom, a content area teacher, and a special education teacher. The Co-Teach model classroom is currently available for the content areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.

Resource Classes: Students with special needs are placed in a small group setting with one special education teacher for the content areas of English Language Arts and/or Mathematics.  A paraprofessional is assigned to the classroom if the appropriate number of students are in the class - one paraprofessional for nine students, two for twelve.

Special Education Facilitator
Christine Olmeda
[email protected]
(508) 941-3170 x32205