Comprehensive Behavior Intervention Program

Roosevelt Middle School houses the Comprehensive Behavior Intervention Program (CBIP), an intensive behavior management program to meet the behavioral, academic and social needs of students.  The CBIP program is designed to facilitate intensive behavioral support provided primarily in a substantially separate, special education classroom.  The students in this program have not previously been successful in their general education setting due to significant and persistent behavioral difficulties that have impacted their educational progress and learning. 

Our RMS CBIP program services students, grades 6-8, with social, emotional, and/or behavioral disabilities. Within the program there are three classrooms, each with a Special Education Teacher and Behavioral Support Staff. The goal of the program is for these students to integrate back into the general education classrooms; growing socially, emotionally, and academically during this transition. The program has two School Adjustment Counselors that aid in this transition process. Principal Bossolt acts as the program’s administrator.

CBIP Faculty & Staff:

Dupuis, Michael - CBIP- Adjustment Counselor 32277
Gamboa, Brian - CBIP- Adjustment Counselor 32263
Andrews, Robert 7 CBIP/SPED- Teacher 32267
Csanadi, Robin 8 CBIP/SPED- Teacher 32258
Ganwani, Kajal 6 CBIP/SPED- Teacher 32269
Kaeterle, Benjamin - CBIP Behaviorist 32277
Leite, John - CBIP Behaviorist 32277
Medeiros, Joshua - CBIP Behaviorist 32277
Resendes, Stephanie - CBIP Behaviorist 32277
Silva, Ebony - CBIP Behaviorist 32277
Thompson, Juanita - CBIP Behaviorist 32277