Family Engagement Center


The Family Engagement Center (FEC) is dedicated to the development of healthy children and strong family units by providing parents with education, referral services, and ongoing support. The mission of the FEC is to function as a catalyst for the coordination of resources and services in the community and to ensure the educational, physical, social, and emotional needs are met of all the Roosevelt Middle School families. The FEC works to help individuals identify and overcome barriers that impede the fulfillment of their goals, to promote the development of strong families, assist teachers in supporting students, and break the cycles of at-risk behaviors. 

 . With your help, we can achieve so much more. If you would like to volunteer your time in our Center or helping with events, please let us know! Our goal is to bring families, schools, and communities together to provide our students the best learning experience and the best quality of life possible. 

Services and Supports provided through FEC-RMS are available to all children, youth, parents, and families who live in the community. The center's activities and programs are for ALL, regardless of social, ethnic, and/or socioeconomic status. The center is staffed with English and Spanish speaking staff for accessibility.

Location & Hours:
RMS Community Lounge |  Entrance: 78 Rodney St, New Bedford
M T W F: 8am- 4pm | Th: 10am- 6pm

For more information, please contact our Family Engagement Specialist, Jose Camacho, at 508-997-4511 ext. 32511 or send us a message via email to [email protected]. 

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