Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is a framework implemented at RMS that helps to identify needs, develop strategies, and evaluate practice that can lead our community towards success. This program has been utilized in 1,000s of schools across the US and many have seen continued success with an increase in positive behaviors and decrease in office referrals over the years. PBIS is a process of teaching our students appropriate behavior and providing the necessary support to sustain that behavior utilizing it’s organized system.  It fosters a behavioral recognition system for kids doing the right thing. It is applied school wide (classrooms, cafeteria, hallways, offices, etc.) and provides an organized system of disciplinary actions with clear school wide expectations with incentives and consequences. PBIS supports RMS in making efforts to prevents the development or worsening of problem behaviors through the encouragement, the teaching and reinforcement of positive social expectations and behavior across all school settings.

For more information please see our brochures on how you can support PBIS from home. ​

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